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BXH809 is part of the London Ambulance Service Historic vehicle collection. She has a very long and proud history of service with the London Ambulance Service, since delivery direct from the Clement Talbot factory (Barlby Road, Kensington) in 1935.

BXH809 was based in Lambeth and served throughout the whole of World War 2, including the Blitz which killed around 40,000 civilians. She still has most her WW2 Equipment today.

More recently the Talbot has been the star of many films and TV programs including Goodnight Mr Tom, The Battle of Britain, Danger UXB, Island at War and Poirot.

Unfortunately, the Talbot has suffered a pre selector gearbox failure meaning she is no longer able to be driven under her own steam, she also requires some general service and repairs as would be expected with a 86 year old war vetran!

The London Ambulance Service Historic Collection is operated by mostly very dedicated volunteers and a very small budget from the NHS trust.

The Talbot now needs the attention of a specialist to rectify the problems. The Talbot Owners’ Club working closely with specialist I.S Polson have agreed to manage the project. The club will provide expertise and support and coordinate the fundraising on behalf of the LASHC at no cost.

The fundraising project hopefully, will cover the cost of the required work by the specialists and parts required, if a surplus is achieved this will go towards the ongoing support and maintenance of not just the Talbot but the whole Historic Collection however  the main aim is to get the Talbot back into a reliable and useable condition so BXH809 can continue its career and again be used to support, promote and celebrate the proud history of the London Ambulance Service and the incredible and brave work all the staff and officers past and present have done and continue to do so on a daily basis.




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