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VSCC Prescott 2022 6th Aug 2022

The sun shone, people gathered, fizz flowed, strawberries served. It was back to the good old days!


VSCC Prescott, the main event in the pre-war car world, saw a tremendous turnout of supporters and Talbot Members, all keen to get back together in the open air and rekindle old friendships and make new ones.

Our Saturday evening dinner was quieter than usual; perhaps indoor gatherings are still treated with caution. It was a delight to have Christine Talbot-Cooper as our guest; John and Christine had for many years arranged this social dinner and she clearly enjoyed still being part of the Club.

Similarly, on Sunday in our customary spot, we were able to welcome Ann Rawlings to the Talbot enclosure where Sarah Day, Carole Lucas, Gabriella Wills, Di da Thabrew and Howard Day served up our traditional delicious strawberries and proper clotted cream. Guy Gregory and Pauline Remes dealt with the fizz and orange juice. Thank you to them all for their enthusiastic effort in the heat.

The buzz was great; everyone appreciated the effort the TOC goes to for this event. We are still the only Club to put on this kind of social event, and other non-TOC visitors looked on enviously! Our strawberry team reckoned they served over fifty portions, so a great gathering of Members and Talbots.

David Thomson’s competition report details the action on the hill where Talbots performed well. On their way home, Members were able to reflect on a perfect weekend.



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