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TOC Trip to the Vintage Revival, Montlhery 9th May 2024

What could be better than driving a Talbot through rural France, the sun shining, perfect roads and no traffic except for the joyous thrum of a Fraser Nash ahead? 

But wait, there’s another pre-war car in front of that, and again, another. On a straight, I see I have caught up with a convoy of seven old cars, fresh off the Portsmouth early morning ferry at Ouistreham and, joy of joys, bouncing off the stone walls of the houses in the small French villages we pass through is the deep thrum of 28 litres of unsilenced noise from the Beast of Turin. Some convoy! I’m in heaven!

Like Le Mans Classic and Angouleme, the Montlhery Vintage Revival features a strong British presence in this otherwise very French affair. And it is very ‘French,’ with an apparently relaxed approach to organisation, which nevertheless manages to proceed smoothly and efficiently. 

The cars are magnificent and feature marques which are almost unheard of outside their native country and the demonstration runs (there is no competition, but for some entrants the red mist descends once they’re on the hallowed circuit and they turn from ‘participants’ into ‘competitors’) are fun to watch. Of course, the catering is good - as one might expect - and everyone has a splendid time. 

Even the weather behaved until a sudden tremendous clap of thunder and lightning put the p.a. system out of action and brought the event to a premature end late on the Sunday afternoon.

Our Talbot party clearly enjoyed the event - with perhaps the exception of the long, winding climb up to the circuit on the Saturday; many cars overheated. It was all clear the following day. 

Despite some unfortunate last-minute withdrawals from the trip, it was good to meet some newer TOC Members; here’s to seeing you again soon.

I doubt that you will ever see such an incredible variety of pre-war cars anywhere else in the world than come to Montlhery. Truly magnificent.

David Roxburgh



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