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‘Sustaining cars and trees! 28th Jul 2020


The Talbot Owners’ club has over the last few years has been one of the most progressive and forward-thinking vintage car clubs in the country, we have actively pursued different ways of greater engagement with members and the public, to ensure the longevity of both the usage of the cars and the Club.

One of the areas of potential concern in the future is the environmental issue of driving around in old cars.  

The Talbot Owners’ club is proud to announce another first in the Vintage car world and hopefully one that will yet again, shine a headlight on the road ahead and provide an inspiration to others.

TOC has been in consultation with the Woodland Trust looking at carbon-offsetting our vehicles usage. They have been wholly supportive of our idea.

The Woodland Trust, is a well-respected UK-based organisation, whose work is both in the UK and world-wide. The Club’s purpose is to promote the use and enjoyment of Talbot cars, so this is a Club issue, not just down to individual Members. That is why we will carbon-offset the entire Club’s total annual Talbot mileage. We will pay the Woodland Trust an agreed amount each year from Club funds based on our calculated annual mileage and fuel consumption.

In this far more environmentally aware world we live in, our actions will hopefully forestall any negative comments and be proactive in creating a positive conversation about our old cars. Not only is it a good idea to do something to mitigate our car use, but also to be able to explain what we are doing to enquiring members of the public. We too have an environmental responsibility.


The Talbot Owners Club magazine is published bi-monthly and contains news, updates and informative articles. It is edited by club secretary David Roxburgh.

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The essence of the Club is to ensure that members meet and enjoy themselves; the Club is open and democratic, dialogie is encouraged. It is for people of all ages who like Talbot cars and want to enjoy the company of like-minded people and also to support current Talbot involvement in historic competition.