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Pre-War Prescott 2022 16th Jul 2022

Having bought a 105 Sports Special, BOJ 118, I was keen to take it to an event and the chance to run up the hill at Vintage Prescott was too good to miss.

I'm getting ahead of myself though; having had a couple of smaller Talbots, I was interested in acquiring a 3ltr car. My friend and neighbour of 35 years went to another Member’s to look at a sporty looking Talbot and we eventually agreed that, although the car has had a lot of work done to it in the direction we wanted, it needs further work if we want to hill climb it, so we agreed on a price we could work with. 

I’ve found a better chassis than the one on the car thanks to Members who pointed me in the right direction. But first, I wanted to try BOJ out, both on the road and on the track. Pre-War Prescott was perfect as there were no scrutineers to stop me as it’s not a competition. It whetted my appetite for having a go against the clock in the future for certain.

The variety of cars supporting the event was impressive and it was good to meet up with so many TOC Members and to have a good look at their cars. Thanks to James Fack and John Dodd for their comments and observations about BOJ.

The other treat of the day was to see the Lancaster Bomber fly two or three times over the site; everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. Perhaps the TOC should follow the Bugatti Owners Club and get their own hill climb....


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