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1927 Talbot 14/45 Tourer, YB 9614 - £ 30000.00

This car is an early AD engined tourer and was laid up from 1956 till bought by myself in 2009 after which, over a two-year period, engineer Ken Potts and myself restored the car.

This involved full dismantle and rebuild of engine, full rewiring, replacement of a single body panel only, full respray in original colour. All leather work, electrical fitments and dash panel were retained and restored. New hood, tonneau and carpets where commissioned. All lights were restored by Appleyards [VHR INT LTD] of Sheffield.

The car was adjudged worthy of the club’s best car in the category for the Wilcock trophy at the 2011 AGM. Subsequently the car was put forward by the club’s selection panel for cars to be displayed in the main section at Windsor Castle for the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations.

The car is comfortable, very roomy and has been driven on the Talbot Owners’ Club’s Welsh Weekend over some very testing, tight and undulating roads with great response and enjoyment.

Time has come for me to reduce my car collection and reluctantly I offer the car for sale – offers based on £30,000 are sought.

Contact—David Whittle, Preston Lancs –01995670688, 07801103146 or email david@tysonconstruction.co.uk


For more information, please contact: david@tysonconstruction.co.uk


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