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Talbot Spares Policy

The Talbot Owners’ Club is deeply committed to supporting members with both new and second hand spares with a view to keeping as many cars on the road as possible.
This is achieved firstly by maintaining a stock of second hand spares mainly acquired through the generosity of, or purchase from club members. Details can be seen on the club website.
The spares committee liaises with the main Talbot specialists and other key stockists concerning new spares to ensure there is no overlap and to look to produce spares, mostly of a consumable nature which will benefit members and the specialists alike. A listing of available spares including modern equivalent parts from all sources can be found on the club web site. Club reserves have been ring fenced for the purpose of new spares manufacture.
The spares committee will meet on a regular basis to review both second hand and new spares availability and to listen to members’ and specialists needs including thoughts on new spares they think would be worth producing
 We will also make available members’ recommendations for suppliers and information.






For further information, please contact the Spares team at the following email address:


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