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Rallye International du Pays de Fougères, June 5-8 2020 20th May 2022

The 26th edition of the Fougères Rally, postponed from the last two years, is now planned for May 20th-23rd 2022 and Talbot and other STD marques are confirmed as the ‘marques of honour’. Several Talbot crews are already signed up.

For full details of this fun and typically French event, see www.rallye-fougeres.org/en

The TOC, and indeed all Talbot owners, have been invited to the 2022 Fougères Rally by the Automobile et Patrimoine du Pays de Fougères (APPF). Originally French Talbots were to have been the featured marque, but following a lead from Ralph and Judith Genee, this honour has now been extended to all pre-war Talbots.

This long-established event is a short hop across the Channel and consists of tours around the Brittany peninsular mixed with typically French hospitality. Some TOC Members have already experienced this event in previous years and reported back with enthusiasm.

The suggested hotel for all TOC, STD and Club Talbot attendees will be Hotel de l'Europe in Morlaix (120€ to 140€ BandB for two per night) in town centre, with free guarded car park 300 yards from hotel. Book using the application forms on the Fougères website www.rallye-fougeres.org

This should be a great event for us as Talbot will the featured marque and we are working in conjunction with the STD.

Full details were published in the September/October 2019 TOC Magazine on p7.


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