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1934 Talbot AV105 Vanden Plas Replica - £ 90000.00

ADE 198 is a Talbot AV 95/105 with a VDP Alpine Tour Replica body in silver and burgundy.  It has a 3 litre engine and a pre-selector gearbox.  To any Talbot enthusiast it would be a pleasure to own.


The current owner purchased the car in 2001 since then it has undergone a full restoration which includes the following:

-Pre-selector gearbox was reconditioned by Cecil Schumacher

-Rear axle re-designed as the original design has a weakness in that it cracks

-The holes in the crank shaft journals have been bell mouthed, Rolls Royce -

 Merlin fashion, to increase the flow area into the crank shaft.

-A full flow oil filter was fitted

-New hood and frame with a cover bag

The thoroughness of the engine rebuild is evidenced by the dozens of photographs taken while being worked on and their subsequent installation into the engine.

For further information: email eames.tracy@gmail.com or call Andrew Eames

07964 491771

For more information, please contact: eames.tracy@gmail.com


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