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Crown wheel and pinion, petrol can, Lucas headlamp lens


Talbot 14/45 cwp 9:49 which gives a ratio of 5.44:1. Brand new made by Guest Gears as part of an STD Register batch at a cost of £485, offers please.

Petrol can

Unusual 2 gallon petrol can, which has the sides fitted upside down so the embossed writing is upside down. Does not leak £20

Lucas Headlamp Lens
Lucas King of the Road glass. Part number 516199 in original wrapper. 10 reeds 6.5 inches diameter Believed to fit Austin 7 RN, Morris 8 as well as some Triumph motorbikes £50

Please contact Keyth Richardson 01363 83251  sarkey@btinternet.com

For more information, please contact: sarkey@btinternet.com


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