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Milestones in the History of the Talbot Owners’ Club

The Talbot Owners’ Club was formed in February 1934 with the direct support of Clement Talbot Ltd., and the active involvement of enthusiasts involved in the commercial, sporting and social life of Talbot cars.

The Club was clearly seen by Clement Talbot as being a ‘vehicle’ to support the marketing (as understood today) of the range of Roesch-designed cars, and it raised the profile of the marque, creating a social and sporting bond with owners. It was closely linked with the RAC, and indeed TOC members were entitled to all the benefits that were offered by that leading organisation for motorists. A host of sporting events, formal dinner-dances, trials and driving tests, and continental tours were organised in 1934 and 1935.

In 1936 Rootes Securities bought Clement Talbot, and shortly afterwards Sunbeam was also bought (and immediately closed down); by 1938 a range of Sunbeam-Talbots (re-badged Humbers/Hillmans) had replaced the Roesch Talbot cars. The Talbot Owners’ Club became the Sunbeam Talbot Owners’ Club and survived into WW2, but did not ‘emerge’ after the war.

The TOC was dormant until, at the instigation of John Young, it was re-formed in 2003, very much in pursuance of the founders’ original objectives ‘ For the Fuller enjoyment of Talbot Ownership’. Importantly, spouse members are genuinely welcomed (with concessionary fees and full voting rights), and bring a hugely positive dynamic to the way the Club ‘works’.

Fundamentally embracing new technology in all aspects of the running of the Club, we publish a bi-monthly Magazine, have an enviable Archive (fully digitised), support new and used spares for members and run a full calendar of social and sporting events in the UK and continental Europe. Our new website has just been launched in January 2017 taking the Club to a class-leading position once more. Comprehensive, accessible and intuitive, it enhances the profile of the Club, (with further support from our Facebook page launched in 2016) as we strive to be the source for all matters ‘Talbot’.

David Booth

January 2017



Click here to see a selection of extracts from Modern Travel (the in-house magazine for Clement Talbot) give a flavour of the inception of the Club and its activities.

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