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The TOC Antipodean Tour 2019 - 8th February 2019

This is a tour that will cover the country from the ‘Winterless North’ to the mountains and tussock country of the south, more or less. We say ‘more or less’ in that we may tweak this a bit as ideas develop. Also, we will be offering various route options and excursions between some destinations, enabling you, the participant, to tailor your journey depending on how relaxed or challenging you want it to be.


The majority of our motoring will be on the way less travelled; quieter secondary roads, avoiding the main highways as much as possible, winding our way through areas of interest chosen more by dint of local experience than tourist office hype.

There is a lot of country to be seen. Driving top to bottom, New Zealand is over 2,200 km (1,360 miles) long, roughly the distance from London to Seville. Thus, the tour will cover about 2,200 miles. For full details see the comprehensive route book in the Route Book. Click the Link below




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