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VSCC Prescott Weekend - 5th August 2017

We always look forward to this annual event and arrived on Sunday morning. The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold and, best of all, no rain.  The car parks were filling up quickly and the first place we headed to was the auto jumble, always hoping to find that elusive spare part. It was there that we bumped into Sue and James Wheildon (obviously looking for the same part!).  He apparently has produced a new thermostat thingy which magically keeps the engine running at the correct temperature.  His sales pitch was so good we had to have one there and then. 


With shopping out of the way, it was necessary for the obligatory “quick” look at the cars in the Orchard.  This turned out to take somewhat longer as Terry had turned into a scrutineer and was looking at every car in detail. This took the rest of the morning and helped walk off the effects of the excellent meal organised by John and Christine Talbot-Cooper the previous night at the new venue, The Shutters.


At the stroke of 1.00 p.m. we all headed back to TOC's headquarters for refreshments.  Once again the champagne and strawberry girls (Sally, Val, Viv and Barbara) came up trumps and did us proud.  Here we had time to chat and catch up on gossip with other members, including David Booth and his move to NZ—he really will be missed by us all.  Martin Bryant took the opportunity to present the Fox and Nicholl trophy to Morwenna, who was collecting it on behalf of her father, Keyth Richardson.


The afternoon was a mixture of paddock roaming and hill watching.  At the start line we watched Cecil Schumacher whizz off up the hill on another successful climb, soon to be followed by the Napier Bentley,  if it wasn't for the noise and smell of rubber, you could have been on Ben Nevis in thick fog!!

The day soon came to an end, but what could be better than vintage cars, good company and soaking up the atmosphere.  Happy Days.

By Ruth Dunkley



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