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BA75 radiator shell and front bumper

Radiator shell for a BA75. I'm looking for a shell in good usable condition. Plating needs to be good but not immaculate and straight without damage. The BA 75 shell has a 100mm or 4inch round hole for the radiator cap and there is an 8mm gap to the back edge of the shell from the hole. (see photo).

Measures across front at top 435mm and from top to bottom in centre 620mm.

Also, I am looking for a bumper the same as in the photo of the front of the car, just a slightly curved blade without any rounded ends. 

Contact Alistair Robinson on 0064 92809563 or text message on cellphone 0064 21643557. Email zamahani@yahoo.co.nz

For more information, please contact: zamahani@yahoo.co.nz


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