The Home page and menu bar buttons


  • On the menu bar near the top of the main TOC forum you will find the HOME button, click it.
  • You will be taken to the home page displaying all the boards which contain different topics. ie events, 5 sections for the Talbot models, magazine, For Sale/Wanted etc. Each of these boards contain sub sections called a threads which contain information relevant to the topic under discussion. Each thread will have a number of replies from members forming a discussion between members. Clicking on the HOME button on the menu will return you back to the the home page displaying all the boards.
  • Below the menu bar, within a box is Recent Posts, clicking on this displays in posts which have been made in date order. Next to recent posts is All Unread, clicking on this displays all the posts which you haven't been read. Next to all unread is Last Visit Unread, this displays all the posts which you haven't read since your last login. These are very useful for doing a quick check on what has been posted onto the forum since your last visit and save having to work out what has been placed on the forum by other members.
  • Below this box is the Talbot Owners' Club Forum news - here will be displayed the next TOC event or any news relating to the Club or Forum.
  • Below this box are all the boards and scrolling down the screen to the bottom after the boards is a box containing the Latest Forum Statistics.
  • Active Users shows who is currently logged onto the forum and also the peak numbers of members logged on. By clicking on the members name their profile will be displayed.
  • Total Forum Statistics is an overview of the forum and how many members are registered.
  • View Portal is currently under construction, please ignore.
  • Recent Posts, All Unread and Last Visit Unread are as described above.
  • Clicking Members List displays all the members registered on the TOC Forum. From this list the members email address can be obtained and used to contact other members. Also if the member is offline the folder in the first column will be grayed out, if the member is online the folder will be yellow. Below the members list is a filter to make a number of selections to help find members from the list.
  • Clicking Latest Thread displays what the last posting entered onto the TOC forum.
  • Latest Member displays who the last member was to join the TOC forum.
  • The last box at the bottom of the page displays the Scheduled Events. These are the events which have been entered into the forum calendar and are displayed in this area up to 60 days in advance. At some point this will be moved higher up the Home page nearer the top for ease of seeing the upcoming events. If the cursor is placed over the event and clicked, details for the event will be displayed. Click on the blue down arrow to display full event detail.


  • Clicking on the CALENDAR button displays the calendar for the current month. Events entered by members will be displayed on this calendar and clicking on the event name will display the event. Clicking on the blue arrow displays further details regarding the event. There is also an option to modify the details for the event which is described under 'Mange Calendar Events' as below.
  • Click on CALENDAR to return to the main calendar. To the right of the main calendar are the Last and Next months calendar. Changes are in progress to change the colour of dates which conation events. Below the last and next months calendars is a box headed Calendar Options.
  • Calendar Options allows a different month to be displayed as the main calendar. Select a month and year and the month selected will be displayed along with any events entered. Clicking on the 3 greater signs in the first column of the calendar changes the calendar to display a week view.
  • Upcoming Events Feeds is currently still under development and do not work, there ignore at the moment.
  • Clicking on Manage Calendar Events displays all the events entered. The owner of the event (person who placed the event on the calendar) and the event detail.
  • Entering a new event -
    - Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a green plus sign next to the words 'New Event'.
    - Click on the words 'New Event'.
    - Select the start date and time, note that if no time is entered the event will be displayed as an all day event.
    - Select the End Date tick box if the event is more than one day and enter the finish date and time.
    - Leave the event background colour blank.
    - In the 'Visible To:' box scroll down and click on 'All members' to select it showing a solid blue background.
    - If the event is a recurring select the tick box and select the relevant recurring option. Note: Currently you cannot select an event on say the 3rd Thursday of each month, in this case the event will need to be manually inputted for each month.
    - Enter a title for the Event ie TOC AGM Weekend.
    - Enter the event details in the test box and a point of contact if relevant.
    - Click on save and the event entered will be displayed at the bottom of the event list.
    - Click on the CALENDAR button and select the month the event was entered. Click on the event and the blue arrow to check that the details have been entered correctly. If not follow the next section to modify and Calendar event.
  • Modifying a Calendar Event -
    Click on the event from the calendar and the event will be displayed. Click on the word 'Modify' and the edit event window appears.
    - Amend the details to be changed and click on save. Note: if you are not the owner of the event a warning will appear to indicate that you are now the new owner of the event, ie you have made changes to the information.

    - Check the details are correct by clicking the CALENDAR button and selecting the month the event was entered. Click on the event and the blue arrow to check that the details. If not modify again !.
  • Deleting Events - events can be deleted from the calendar - any member can delete events and I ask you not to delete any events unless you are the owner of the event to be deleted. The Administrator can track any misuse of this forum!!
Member Center

  • Clicking on the MEMBER CENTER button displays your profile. Click here to see the profile section within this help document which describes its function and options to personalise your profile.


  • Clicking on the SEARCH button displays the message search window.
  • Within this window a word or phrase can be searched for, example a single word like 'Talbot' or several words like 'front hub'. If you wish to find all posts by a certain person use the filter by username box and enter their full name, this can be obtained from the members list at the bottom of the HOME page.
  • Make the selection from the drop down box to find the results on the word or phrase using either 'the exact phrase', 'all words' or 'any words'.
  • Make the selections for the 'thread age preferances and the 'result preferences'
  • Highlight the required topics for the search to be conducted on. By default all the topics should be highlighted blue. If not, to select all the topics click on the top one 'TOC Event Information', press and hold down the 'shift' key, scroll down the list using the scroll bar and click on the last topic ie 'polls', all the topics will now appear highlighted in a blue colour.
    If you wish to select certain topics this can be achieved by pressing and holding down the 'ctrl' key, then using mouse clicking on the relevant topics you wish to search on. On each mouse click the topic will be highlighted blue.
  • To make the search click on the button 'Start Search'
  • The posts found will be displayed and the word or phrase search on will be highlighted in yellow.


  • Clicking the LOGOUT button will open a new window to confirm you want to log out of the TOC forum, click on the relevant button and if 'YES' is selected the guest access window will be displayed replacing your name with 'Guest' in the top right hand corner. To return to the TOC website the link can be clicked along the bottom line.